The Giving Back Foundation

Meera Gandhi's Giving Back Foundation
Youth Assembly

August 5, 2010

On Tuesday at the United Nations in New York city we got a chance to meet Meera Gandhi's Giving Back Foundation/Youth Assembly. CEO of The Giving Back Foundation, Mrs. Gandhi is a well known international community leader, committed humanitarian and philanthropist dedicated to solutions to human suffering and deprivation around the globe. In February of 2010, she completed the film "Giving Back" that shows how many people are giving back to humanity in different ways. The film, set in four continents, is a global journey that begins in the words of Former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, "When we cease to give, we begin to die." The Youth Assembly is a group teens and young adults who support and further her humanitarian cause.

Charles Fischer, Meera Gandhi, Kabir Gandhi, Randy Fischer, Youth Assembly Attendees
Charles Fischer, Meera Gandhi, Kabir Gandhi, Randy Fischer
Youth Assembly Attendees

Kabir Gandhi, Meera Gandhi
Kabir Gandhi, Meera Gandhi