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Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our mission. The Giving back Foundation® is a registered 501(c)(3)organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

We appreciate your unrestricted donations, small or large, and you can be assured that your heartfelt gesture of “giving back” will help a person in need somewhere in the world.

To Donate By Credit Card:

Please use the secure form at the following link below to donate to the Giving Back Foundation® using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

By Mail:

If you prefer, you can make a donation by sending a check to:

The Giving Back Foundation®
Dorian A Vergos CO LLC
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The Giving Back Foundation® is a private foundation funded largely by Meera Gandhi. In addition to direct contributions to the foundation by the Gandhi Family, the foundation accepts donations, and raises money for charity in several different ways. These are: The Giving Back Foundation Website, special events such as film screenings and fundraisers. 100% of product sales from The Giving Back documentary film, the coffee table book, and CDs and DVDs that are sold go entirely to philanthropic causes affiliated with the Giving Back Foundation®.


Who does the Foundation benefit?

Careful attention has been paid to specially selected charities, such as The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center and St. Michael's School for Girls.

Endeavors & Projects:

Through our fundraising, in the future the Giving Back Foundation® will increase
its support of organizations throughout the world, directly or indirectly via our
affiliates and carefully selected causes:

  • The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center - a 5-year commitment to support 4 young girls who attend the the leadership program annually in Hyde Park, NY.
  • The Giving Back Foundation® is supporting the Arts with a 5-year commitment to the Woodstock Film Festival in New York State, honoring the most outstanding Humanitarian in the film industry for the current year, including actors, directors or producers
  • St. Michael’s School for Girls in New Delhi, India is being supported by The Giving Back Foundation® with a 5-year commitment. The Foundation provides complete, nutritious food for the entire student body. This means all meals for the next five years! The Bishop of Northern India conducted a blessing of the school in 2013.
  • Giving Back is presenting global screenings of its documentary film to VIPs, business leaders, and schools at every level, including universities on a continuous basis.
  • The Giving Back coffee table book, with its inspirational, philanthropic message reaching people in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, has been presented in 12 cities on 3 continents.

All proceeds will go directly to charity.

Currently Available for Purchase:

The Giving Back Coffee table book by Meera Gandhi has been introduced with events in 12 cities throughout the world, including New York City, Mumbai, London, Hong Kong, Istanbul and many others. The book, with foreword by Cherie Blair, devotes its pages to vignettes and plaudits of those who inspire Meera Gandhi and The Giving Back Foundation®, including Mother Teresa’s Asha Daan, Steven Rockefeller, Hilary Clinton, Bono, Kristi Yamanguchi, Ronan Tynan, Lord Loomba, The Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center at Hyde Park and many more. The book is available for purchase at, Amazon UK and on the Giving Back Foundation® Website. Click here to purchase.

The Giving Back film, a compelling documentation of the journey of its founder Meera Gandhi and several others as it travels from Mother Teresa’s Asha Dan, and to Paris, New York, Hong Kong and other places, where collaborations with other charities that give back are noted.  Among the chosen causes are the blind; the deaf; abused children; orphans and village children of Africa who desperately need an education; unfortunate widows; victims of Alzheimer’s Disease in Ireland; street children of India; victims of human rights abuse, and poverty-stricken indigenous tribes of South America. To purchase your own copy, whereby profits will benefit the aforementioned charities, click here to purchase.

There is a Global music CD called " Giving Back - The Music". Click here to purchase.